The Artist Karl Wilkes is an Internationally Renowned American Artist

 Karl Wilkes is known for Historical Paintings, Sculptures, Multimedia, Abstract Works, Motivational Speaking and Artist in Residency Programs – Workshops & Exhibits.

Fine Art Products

Through his work, Karl Wilkes challenges all of us, indirectly and directly, to examine the boundaries we have put
down in our culture, society, history and
hearts.  His artistry stems from a
principled core that secures is authenticity.

Mr. Wilkes’ native intelligence, experience
and talent are clearly complemented by
his academic understanding of the
context of his discipline.  His versatility
and prowess within traditional media
contribute significantly to the richness
and power of his art which investigates
individual and collective conscience.
Altogether, this work demonstrates the
artist’s understanding of its theoretical
and operational aspects in ways that render it both timely and timeless.

Mark Hudson, Associate Professor of Art, Clemson University
As an artist, I create purely to express and satisfy my aesthetic and humanistic urges. Whether that stimulation is pro or con is not important. The fact that my work elicits some type of reaction is significant. I seek to offer information and suggestion and let the viewer draw conclusion based on his.her own experience.
My work exemplifies qualities of reality, spirituality and mystical ideas. It’s content is derived from my African American heritage. I use vision, ideas and images from yesterday, today and tomorrow, in order to make the most effective aesthetic statement.
My collectors range from Prince to Muhammad Ali to Jay Leno and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. My works have affected many people and cultures both known and unknown, and I often donate much of it to help raise money for underprivileged children and other causes (such as research for breast cancer and diabetes). I recently received my own day Karl W. Wilkes Day in Nevada Las Vegas February 10 2010 In recognition of Black History Month.